About the dog

When your name is Jasper, life is ALWAYS awesome

When your name is Jasper, life is ALWAYS awesome

CJ’s Mystical Athabasca Dreamer
aka: Jasper

Born on the 1st of April, 2008, the furry little sausage with legs that was to one day to grow into the majestic beast now known as Jasper was born. At the tender age of 9 weeks he made the epic journey from Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada to assume his position as partner in crime to his human companion, Sara.

Jasper is a quirky Shiloh Shepherd who loves long grass and deep snow. A connoisseur of good company, he spends his days with his pack mates at Mystical Meadows. Overflowing with personality that is both whimsical and just a bit odd, Jasper likes to keep it real.

About the blog

Just Jasper follows the adventures of one dog as he grows and learns, loves and is loved. Something of a scrapbook, this blog houses stories, pictures and general musings about and inspired by life with this gentle giant. This site was created to share and celebrate the very special bond between human and canine. There will also be general doggy-related business drabbled throughout. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It should, because it will be.

About the human

Dog mom, blogger and nothing but class

Dog mom, blogger and nothing but class

Sara and Jasper were pretty much meant to be. Accompanying her mother on a trip to visit a breeder in the lovely state of Pennsylvania in the summer of 2008, she wasn’t exactly planning on leaving with a puppy of her own. Then again, the puppy essentially chose her so it’s not like she exactly had a choice.

After a year filled with both beauty and carnage, Sara had to move to Toronto where she worked in public relations for a wonderful non-profit organization, leaving Jasper to look after her family and the farm they call home. She has since learned her lesson and now lives back with her beloved canine companion and together they embark on many a wondrous adventure.


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